Start Here

If you’re new to the University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool, start here.

The University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool is using G Suite for Education for its email, document storage, calendars, and more. It’s a powerful way to communicate and collaborate.


To get started, you’ll need a Google Account connected to your preferred email address. It should be one you check regularly. It should also be the one you submitted with your preschool application. If you can’t remember which one you submitted with your application, ask your class Parent Coordinator.

  • Use an existing Gmail Account
    • If your preferred email address is already at Gmail, then you’re all set. Every gmail address is already connected to a Google Account.
  • Use an existing Google Account
    • If you already have a Google account connected to your preferred email address, then you’re all set.
    • Not sure if you do? Check your preferred email address here.
  • Create a new Google Account
    • Fill out a new account form here, making sure to click “Use my current email address instead” to connect your new Google Account to your preferred email address.

Google Account.png

Once you have a Google Account, you’ll be able to access our preschool’s Team Drives while in Google Drive. You should automatically have access to the U-Ravenna Coop Team Drive and your class’s Team Drive.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.03.35 PM.png

  • Our class-specific Team Drives have the class rosters, the Monthly Evening Parent Meeting Minutes, the Parent Education notes, and more.
  • The U-Ravenna Coop Team Drive has lots of important documents, like our Parent Handbook, our Admin Job Descriptions, and our Board Meeting Minutes.
  • Of note, NSCCPP also maintains a collection of important documents and forms on their site. There you can find the Special Event request form, the Field Trip Notification form, PAC recommendations, the Risk Management Manual, and more.

The University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool Parent Handbook is one of the most important documents we have stored in our Team Drives. We recommend that everyone reads it. It has a wealth of information about how our preschool works and will answer questions you didn’t even know you had.