Jovial Family Portal

We use the preschool management system Jovial to help us better organize enrollment, tuition, requirements, and other essentials of our preschool.

Our families interact with Jovial through a “Family Portal”. This Family Portal gives instant access to invoices (including full history), any requirements due, your child’s class roster, and more. The Family Portal also allows you to make electronic payments and to submit registrations.

Jovial will email you every month with a unique access link for your Family Portal. This link is valid for 30 days, so please use your most current link for access. If you ever need to access your Family Portal but can’t find your most recent email from Jovial, you can get an access link here.

Paying Online

University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : Jovial Tutorial

Paying online is easy, but it requires a bit of set up. Online payments are made through electronic fund transfers (aka “eChecks”). We currently do not support credit card payments. Follow these steps to make an online payment:

  1. From the Jovial Family Portal home screen, click Make Payment under Billing to pay your student’s tuition.
  2. Click the Make E-Payment button on the next screen.
  3. Click the eCheck/ACH button. You will be prompted to enter bank information.
  4. Click Next. You will be given an opportunity to review your payment and acknowledge the terms and conditions by typing your initials.
  5. Click Submit Payment to confirm payment.

Note: The first time you make an electronic payment, Jovial must verify your account before withdrawing the money. You will receive an email that says “Payment Received” with instructions on the account verification process (also detailed below). If the verification process is not completed within seven days, your payment will be cancelled. Jovial makes two deposits, each less than one dollar, into your account within one to two business days. Once you see those deposits in your bank account, please use the link in the “Payment Received” email from Jovial (or go back to the E-Payment screen in your Family Portal) and conclude the verification process by entering the deposit amounts. Once that is done, Jovial will transfer your tuition payment, and you will receive an email confirmation. Subsequent electronic payments will not require verification.

After you have made your electronic payment, you can go back and view your billing information. You should see an “E-payment received” entry with the date and amount of your transaction and an updated balance.

If you want to see all of your tuition payments to date and automatically updated tuition schedule for the year, click View Details under Billing.

You can also still pay by check. For more information about paying by check or applying for scholarships, see the Tuition section in our Frequently Asked Questions.


If you scroll down the Jovial Family Portal home screen, you’ll pass our welcome message and then come to our preschool’s requirements for attendance in class.

University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : Jovial Tutorial

These requirements list the forms that need to be completed to fulfill each requirement and the dates they are due. All of the listed forms can be found under Forms in the menu bar on the far left of the Family Portal.

Student and Caregiver Information

As you continue to scroll down the Jovial Family Portal home screen, you’ll next see your student’s information listed, including the class they are enrolled in.

To view the class roster, click View/Print Roster. Note that rosters are not viewable until a couple weeks before the school year starts.

You’ll also see the list of caregivers you provided on your Registration Form. It is important that you include at least one caregiver that will “Attend/Work in Class”, at least one caregiver as your “Emergency Contact”, and any caregivers that you would like to be listed as “Pickup/Dropoff only”. You can add additional caregivers by submitting an updated Registration Form (under Forms in the menu bar on the far left of the Family Portal). If one of your caregivers decides they would prefer not to receive emails from Jovial, you can unsubscribe them by clicking Unsubscribe under their name.

Since paying for tuition was discussed above, next on the Orientation Tour is more information on tuition, fundraising, and scholarship opportunities.

University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : Playing with toy cash registers in the Pre-3s Class

Learn more about monthly tuition, quarterly registration with NSC, yearly fundraising, and opportunities for scholarships.

[We’d like to thank Parent Educator Charlotte Skeffington and Lincoln Park Co-op in South Seattle for help creating these instructions.]