Co-op Preschool

On the surface, our preschool is like any other. We have quality classes taught by amazing teachers. However, beneath the surface, our cooperative preschool has a lot more going on.

The Co-op Experience

The co-op experience is created by experienced Teachers, knowledgeable Parent Educators, and dedicated parents all working together. A huge benefit as a parent is that you get to play an integral role in your child’s first educational experience while also getting an individualized education in how to be the best parent you can be.

– Our Teachers and Parent Educators –

– Pre-3s Class –

University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : Mixed media heart art - watercolor and crayon
Nicole Ross and Kristin Church, Teachers
Lea Evans, Parent Educator

– 3-5s Class –

Nicole Ross, Teacher
University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : Parent Education taught by Teacher Kristin
Kristin Church, Parent Educator

North Seattle College Cooperative Preschool Program

We are part of the North Seattle College (NSC) Cooperative Preschool Program. Their mission is to provide both a high-quality, affordable preschool education for children and education and support for parents. Watch their video to learn more about the benefits of being a part of this program.

We feel fortunate to be supported under the umbrella of this larger program.

The NSC Cooperative Preschool Program provides us with important structural elements. Through it we get our insurance, and we also get the support of the dozen or so other cooperative preschools also under its umbrella through its Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

The insurance sets safety standards, like what our minimum adult-to-child ratio should be and how often we should wash our hands. These standards can be found in the Risk Management Manual.

The PAC sets practical standards across the NSC cooperative preschools, such as recommending new parental leave policies; provides guidance and training for how to run a preschool; and provides scholarships to ensure preschool is accessible to all.

Parent Education Class

The NSC Cooperative Preschool Program also provides us with important educational elements. Each class in a NSC cooperative preschool is actually viewed by the college as an educational lab class for the parents. Our Parent Educators are the NSC teachers. The monthly evening parent meetings are the class lecture, and the daily preschool classes are the hands-on laboratory. Your attendance in both, whether once-a-month for the parent meeting or once-a-week for your work day in the preschool class, is your participation in the class.

And, an added bonus, enrolling in our preschool class gives you the benefits of being a NSC student. You can begin taking advantage of the benefits of being a NSC student as soon as you register for the parent education class through NSC. Before the start of every quarter that you’re enrolled in our preschool, our Parent Educators will send instructions for how to register online. After you register, you can get a NSC student ID card that can be used for discounts in many places student discounts are offered. You can also take advantage of NSC student services.

Parent Administrative Job

Another educational element comes from the active participation in the management and operation of our preschool. A cooperative preschool is like any other kind of cooperative — our preschool is owned and run by all of our members, including you! All of our administrative jobs are outlined in our Parent Handbook. When you take on one of these jobs, you are helping to run our nonprofit corporation. Without your time and dedication to your job, our preschool wouldn’t be successful. Our families are the key to our success.

Note that NSC estimates that 20% of your role in the co-op will be dedicated to your administrative job, regardless of which job you take on.

To jump start your involvement with co-op preschool, we’ve built an online depository of documents using Google Shared Drives. We intend for these documents to also help you get started with your co-op administrative job. Learn more about our Google Shared Drives next on the Orientation Tour.

Learn about how we use Google Shared Drives to help us run our preschool.