Google Services

We use a lot of Google services to help us run our preschool. We’ve found that it’s a powerful way to communicate and collaborate.

As a cooperative preschool, the business side of our preschool is run entirely by the parents of the students enrolled in the preschool. How do parents know how to run a preschool? Our parents learn from each other, from our preschool Teachers, and from our Parent Educators. We also rely on a good email system, a lot of online documents, and an up-to-date calendar – all of which are provided to us for free by a Google service called G Suite for Nonprofits.

University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : G Suite Tutorial

We’ll get you started by connecting the email address you submitted with your preschool application to our class email lists. Once you’re on one of our email lists, you should automatically be connected to our Google services.

To check whether it’s working, try navigating out our private Member Site. Here you’ll find  our calendar, directory, Handbooks, and more. We’ve tried to include most of the information that we provide at our Orientations so you can get a refresher anytime you need during the year.

If you’re not getting class emails or can’t access our private Member Site, send our admin an email. You can also check that the address you submitted with your preschool application is currently set up to access Google.

  • If the email address you submitted is already a Gmail account, then you should be all set. Every address is already connected to a Google Account.
  • If your email address is not a Gmail account, but you think you’ve already connected it to a Google account, then you also should be all set. Not sure if you have? Check your email address here.
  • If your email address is not a Gmail account, and you haven’t already connected it to a Google account, fill out a new account form here. Make sure to click “Use my current email address instead” to connect your new Google Account to your preferred email address.
University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : G Suite Tutorial

University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : G Suite Tutorial

Once you’re connected to our Google services, you’ll also be able to access our preschool’s Shared Drives while in your Google Drive. You should automatically have access to the U-Ravenna Co-op Shared Drive and your class’s Shared Drive, and you may be added to other Shared Drives based on your admin job, any committees you may be on, and any co-op projects you may be working on.

Our class Shared Drives have class rosters, class schedules, Monthly Evening Parent Meeting Minutes, Parent Education notes, and anything else class specific.

The U-Ravenna Co-op Shared Drive has our all-school documents, like our Parent Handbook, Admin Job Descriptions, and Board Meeting Minutes.

We strongly recommend that you click on the Admin Jobs folder and navigate to your current job’s folder to see what documents have been saved there by former members of our co-op who have held your job.

If you’re looking for a document or form that seems like it would apply to all co-op preschools in the NSCCPP, check out the collection that NSCCPP maintains on their site. There you can find the Special Event request form, the Field Trip Notification form, PAC recommendations, the Risk Management Manual, and more.

To finish our New Family Tour, we recommend you check out our private Member Site.

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University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : Our large Sensory Table is filled with a different material each week

Beneath the surface, our cooperative preschool has a lot going on.

We use the preschool management system Jovial to organize enrollment and more.