Each of our classes is supported by an experienced teacher and parent educator, ensuring that both the children and their caregivers get an excellent education throughout the school year.

Teacher Apurva

Teacher Apurva is excited to be the teacher for the both the Pre-3s and 3-5s classes. She has a PhD in Social Work from the University of Washington, with experience working with children in educational and therapy environments. She has been active in the North Seattle College cooperative preschool system since 2012, first as a parent and now as a teacher. You can hear a few of her songs on this co-op video, starting at 17:10. 

Apurva’s introduction to the co-op environment started back in early 2012, when her daughter was 18 months old. As they say, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Not only did the co-op fit in her educational philosophy, it also helped form a community for her and her family. She’s a firm believer of play-based early learning, while involving and building a ‘safe’ community around children. In fact, the local emergency contacts she lists today for her own children at school are the co-op parents who she’s known since 2012.

As she has witnessed with her own kids, preschool is a magical journey. One of her passions is to develop the imagination and create memorable rituals, traditions, and celebrations that honor childhood. As a teacher her goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, stimulating, fun, and educational environment with a structured routine based on age-appropriate lesson plans. She wants children to be active learners and disciplined, creative thinkers; to learn to work hard, make good choices, and be kind. She also believes that children at this age and stage of development are naturally curious and accepting of differences. Being mindful of that, she would incorporate age appropriate ‘we’re different, we’re the same’ philosophy. She wants children to love coming to school each day!

She also strives to provide an environment that is consistently secure and inclusive, so children feel comfortable and secure to form emotional attachments. Being in a loving and nurturing environment forms these types of attachments, and she believes that emotional engagement is the key to all powerful learning. That is why she brings love, laughter, passion, and meaningful projects into our classes.

Parent Educator Betty Williams

Betty Williams is the Parent Educator for the Pre-3s Class. She can think of no better way to spend her time than working with families and their children to nurture them to thrive in a supportive community. She feels so fortunate to have this opportunity to provide education, resources, and support to families with young children during such a foundational time in their lives.

Betty has a BA in Psychology from Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up in East Tennessee and moved out to the great Northwest with excitement for the beauty of the Puget Sound area after graduation. She received her MSW with an emphasis in working with children and families from the University of Washington. She worked in the child care field for many years as an infant, toddler, and preschool teacher, program supervisor, and center director. Betty’s husband Mike is also in the early childhood education field and currently works at Child Care Resources. They have two daughters; her stepdaughter Mari, who lives in Shoreline with her husband, Chris, and son, Gabriel; and Jessica, who graduated from Lewis & Clark College and is now living in Germany with her husband, Shaun. When Jessica was 2 years old, Betty moved into teaching Early Childhood Education and Parent Education Classes as a part-time instructor at Seattle Central Community College. Since 2004, Betty has been working as a full-time instructor in Parent Education at North Seattle College (NSC), where she now coordinates the program as well as teaches four classes.

Betty’s vision for Parent Education is to provide a balance of opportunities for parents to share concerns, discuss challenges and strategies, and receive information from the field of early childhood education. She knows that living in a supportive community is the best way for children to grow, learn, and fulfill their potential as caring citizens of the world. She is happy to share resource information with parents anytime, so don’t hesitate to catch her when she attends the preschool classes or to call or email her in between classes.

Her role with the co-op board is as an advisor, since our preschool contracts with NSC for her services and commits to following certain guidelines as outlined by the Risk Management Manual. This document is produced as a resource for all of the cooperative preschool programs throughout Washington State that are affiliated with the Parent Education Programs in their local Community Colleges. She is very pleased to be part of such a valuable program that seeks to improve our communities and help our children get off to the best possible start in their lives. She welcomes your feedback regarding Parent Education and your co-op experience anytime.

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Parent Educator Lea Evans

Lea Evans is the Parent Educator for the 3-5s Class. She has been on the Parent Education faculty at North Seattle College since 2018 and has taught and advised adult students in various subjects, states, and countries since 2001. 

Since her son was born in 2013, she has focused much more on supporting families. Her son attended a co-op preschool here in Seattle and is currently enjoying elementary school. Lea is thrilled to be a part of the our community.