Thank you for your interest in our preschool. After looking closely at what we offer, we hope you’ll decide to join us.

We encourage you to explore our website, reach out to us with your questions, tour our classes, and then apply! You can learn more about our admissions process below.

Our Classes

This summer we are joining forces with Northeast Toddlers Cooperative Preschool (NEST) and Latona Cooperative Preschools, and we are moving to their classrooms on the North Seattle College campus. One of the benefits of this merger is that we will be able to serve families and their children from infancy to pre-kindergarten through a variety of classes.

Information about our classes for infants and toddlers can be found on our future partner NEST’s website. Information about our classes for children ages two to five can be found below.

– Pre-3s Class –

University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : Painting with toy trucks - we love messy art!

Our Pre-3s Class is for children who will be two by August 31st. It meets twice weekly, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and will be taught by Teacher Apurva.

– 3-5s Class –

University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : Making important calls while driving a pretend car - dramatic play in the 3-5s Class

Our 3-5s Class is for children who will be between the ages of three and five by August 31st. It meets three times weekly and will be taught by Teacher Apurva.

Schedule a Tour

An in-person tour during class hours provides an opportunity for prospective parents to meet our teachers, see our classroom, and watch us in action. The tour allows parents to determine if our preschool will be a good fit for their child. We love our school, and we want you to know that you will, too.

Open Floor Plan Classroom

Just as in our previous classroom, one open floor plan in our new classroom contains all of our learning centers — including a dramatic play center, art center, library, sensory table, and more — facilitating easy movement between centers during free play time. 

Apply Online

University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool - Welcome to preschool chalkboard next to colorful sorting station

After touring our preschool, we encourage you to apply online. We’re moving to the North Seattle Campus, so all applications should go through our future partner, Northeast Toddlers Cooperative Preschool!

Application Deadlines

Applications for the 2021-2022 preschool year will be processed according to the schedule created by the North Seattle College Cooperative Preschool Program:

  • Priority Registration –  Before February 1, 2021 
    1. Students currently enrolled in our 3-5s Class who are returning to the same class
    2. Students currently enrolled in our Pre-3s Class with alumni status from a sibling previously or currently enrolled in our 3-5s Class
    3. Students currently enrolled in our Pre-3s Class
    4. Age-appropriate child with alumni status from a sibling previously or currently enrolled in our preschool
    5. Students currently enrolled in a Toddlers Class in any other NSC cooperative preschool
  • Transfer and Open Registration – Beginning February 1, 2020 
    1. Students currently enrolled in another NSC cooperative preschool
    2. Students who apply online now through February 1, 2020
    3. Students who apply after February 1, 2020 on a rolling basis

You will be notified the day after the appropriate registration deadline as to the status of your application.

A non-refundable registration fee of $40 is due within 48 hours of admission notification to accept a spot in one of our classes. Your registration fee must be received before the beginning of the next registration stage, or your space will be made available for the next round of applicants.

Co-op Community

A tight-knit co-op preschool creates lasting friendships between families. It’s true when they say it takes a village, and a village is just what our preschool provides. We host all-school playdates throughout the summer and special evening sing-a-longs and potlucks during the school year. Parents often coordinate monthly adult-only meet-ups, extra playdate adventures for kiddos, and even swap childcare.