University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool : Welcomes you to the new preschool year - Welcome to preschool!
3-5s Class, Pre-3s Class

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer! It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of August and time to start preparing for the upcoming preschool year. It’s going to be a great year!

If you’re new to U-Ravenna Co-op, check out the section we just added to our website for families just like you here!

Before August 31st, we’d like you to…

  • Add important dates to your calendar and sign up for a time slot to help set up the classroom
  • Sign up for a class job for the coming year if you don’t have one yet
  • Introduce yourself to Jovial, our new preschool management tool
  • Check out our new communication system, G Suite for Nonprofits

Important Dates

**Please add these dates to your calendar, and let us know which day you can make it to Classroom Setup by August 31st!**

  • Classroom Setup:  Please check your email for the two different time options available for setup, and let us know which day you can make it through the link included in the email.
  • NSC Officer Training: Friday, September 6th, 9 am to 12 pm: This event is mandatory for Chairs, Health and Safety Officers, PAC Reps, Secretaries, and Parent Coordinators. We might also need a few people to volunteer to host our officers’ kids in their house.
  • Slow Start: Monday, September 9th through Friday, September 13th: Your teacher will be sending out more information about when to attend class during Slow Start week and in the weeks following.
  • 3-5s Fall Orientation: Please check your email for the date of this mandatory meeting for everyone in the 3-5s Class.
  • NSC CPR Class: Saturday, September 21st from 9 am to 2:30 pm: Optional class that costs $45. Registration information here.
  • Pre-3s Fall Orientation: Please check your email for the date of this mandatory meeting for everyone in the Pre-3s Class.

You can also find these dates on our preschool’s calendar, which you can find on our private Member Site.

Admin Jobs

**Every family needs to hold a volunteer job, so if you don’t have one yet already, please check your email for instructions for where to find the parent job descriptions and how to let us know your top three job preferences by August 31st.**

Jovial Introduction

**You will receive an email soon with a special link to your Jovial account. Use this email to access your Family Portal to help us prepare for the new school year. Please pay any past due amounts and complete important forms included in the Member Packet by August 31st.**

This year, U-Ravenna Co-op has adopted Jovial, a preschool management system that will help us better organize enrollment, tuition, and other essentials of our preschool. The new system includes a “Family Portal”. The Family Portal gives each family instant access to your invoices (including full history), any requirements due, your child’s class roster, and more. The Family Portal also allows you to make electronic payments and to submit registrations.

You will receive an email soon after this one (and roughly once a month while your child is enrolled at U-Ravenna Co-op) from Jovial that contains a special link that will enable you to access your Family Portal without needing to enter a password.The link will be valid for one month. The email is generated by Jovial and will also contain information about any balances or requirements due.

To help everyone get started with Jovial, we created a page on our website that walks you through how to use the Family Portal. You can find it here.

G Suite for Nonprofits

This year we will be using G Suite for Nonprofits which provides us with a member site, email system, an online document storage system, a calendar, and more. To help everyone get started with this service, we created a page on our website that walks you through linking your email with a Google Account and getting started with our Shared Drives. You can find it here.

Member Site

G Suite for Nonprofits also provides us with a Google-based website that can only be accessed by people on our class email lists. You can find it here. Currently, it has our preschool calendar, preschool directory, a link to our new family website pages, our administrative jobs list, and our various preschool handbooks on it.

Document Storage

G Suite for Nonprofits provides us with Shared Google Drives for our online document storage. You should have automatically been granted access to our Shared Drives as soon as your email address was added to your class email list. Access it by logging in to your Google Drive account. I recommend exploring these drives to get an idea of what’s on there. There’s a wealth of information that can really help out as you’re getting started in our preschool or in a new admin job. Also, if you don’t see something there that you think would be helpful, please consider adding it. You should all be able to add and edit documents in our Shared Drives, and we really benefit from even the smallest efforts to build a better online document depository.

Thanks, and see you in the classroom!