Welcome to the University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool. Our school is conveniently located a few blocks off of Northeast 65th Street and 35th Avenue Northeast, just across the street from Bryant Elementary.

We offer a play-based preschool education for children ranging in age from two to five years old. Class is held in one large classroom where various learning centers have been set up, facilitating easy movement between centers during free play time. Outdoor time is spent on the Bryant Elementary playground.

We are proud of our school and welcome visitors. Please contact the Parent Coordinator for your child’s prospective class to arrange a visit.

“My child and I went through the entire school – one year in the Pre-3s Class and two years in the 3-5s Class. I really appreciated being a big part of her first educational experience. Being in the classroom every week alongside some amazing Teachers and Parent Educators helped me gain so much insight into how she learns and engages with her peers. As a bonus, we both came out of the school with some great friends!”

– AE

“We love Teacher Christi! Both of my sons were in her Pre-3s class. She is kind and patient with each child’s needs, and also so relatable with the parents.”

– MC